Thomas Hunt, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

I am a senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Derby, England. My PhD (completed in 2011) investigated mechanisms underpinning the relationship between maths anxiety and performance, including the use of electroencephalogram and eye-tracking technology. Much of my research is based on the theme of attentional control, particularly the role of intrusive thoughts in explaining the maintenance, exacerbation and impact of maths anxiety. I have published several new self-report measures for maths anxiety, taking into account suitability for different age groups and the multi-dimensional nature of maths anxiety. Currently I am conducting cross-cultural investigations of maths anxiety, including the relevance of psychological constructs such as shame. Other work involves attentional bias paradigms to study vigilance-avoidance in highly maths anxious individuals and the association between maths anxiety and task appraisal.

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